Monday, November 28, 2011

Let´s explore Europe!

     In my opinion, one of good oportunities to be a volunteer, to explore other cultures and contries, in this way to understand each other easily, to have a friend with people from another contries, to find something to share.
     When I learned that there will be an "euro weekend" in Solsona, i was happy because this meaned i was going to be with other volunteers and we were going to explore and talk about our contries !
     On friday, i arrived in Solsona which is a town like La Seu. There are about 9000 inhabitants. It isn´t far from La Seu, just 1 hour and 15 minutes.
     Then we went to a small village which Marta, Elefteria and Dimitri live in. Marta is director of that organisation. Dimitris and Elefteria work in her organisation as a volunteer. Without me, there was another volunteer, Linda. She was from Italy. Other volunteers were going to came next day.
      First of all, Marta explained us what we were going to do on saturday. Then we were at Dimitris and Elefteria´s house. We had dinner together. Linda cooked Italian Pasta for us ! I love italian pastas and this kind of intercultural meeting. We were 4 youngsters from 3 mediterranean contries, Turkey, Greece and Italy. So we didn´t have so different cultures. Even Turkey and Greece have lots of commun foods, drinks, dances, musics, cultural events and even some words !

I want to share some of them:

raki is also commun in Greece
Cacik (with yogurt and cucumber)
Kokorec (lamb)

Some same turkish-greek words:

adet (turkish) adeti (greek) custom(english)
baba (tr) babas (gr) father (eng)
bakkal (tr) bakkalis(gr) grocer (eng)
bayrak (tr) bayraki (gr) flag (eng)
bahce (tr) bahtses (gr) garden (eng)
benzin (tr) benzina (gr) gas (eng)
sokak (tr) sokaki (gr) street (eng)
tembel (tr) tembelis (gr) lazy (eng)
turkish and greek backgommon

       These are some of them, there are many commun things between Turkey and Greece. It´s really normal actually, before Republic of Turkey and Greek Repuclic, Ottoman Empire lived in this area for a long time.Because of this reason we have many commun foods, drinks, dances, musics and more.
        Next day, we were in Solsona with other volunteers, Chris (Poland), Jacop (Danemark) Ozge(Turkey) Clara (Italy).
        We played some games with children who came to Consell Comarcal. Those games were about Euroe. We tried to communicate with them and talk about our contries. One of these games to paint european contries flags. Every volunteer was responsable to one game. I liked these games. Even we had a compatiton each other and I won! :) Please Marta, don´t forget to send me my award:)

         Then we started to talk about our contries, firstly Greece, then Danemark, Turkey and Italy. We tried to dance of Greece with Dimitris then we eat really delicious greek meal, (it liked turkish meal:)) We listened Jacop´s song. He played a guitar and sang a song. Then we had lunch in Solsina, we walked around, i liked there, such a nice place.
        After that, Ozge and I talked about Turkey and our culture, then Clara and Linda talked about Italy and especially italian mafias:)

        In the evening, we come back to village,had dinner in nice restaurant. I won´t never forget the foods. Especially tortilla was really delicious, i have never eaten a tortilla like taht since i came here.Then we returned to Dimitris and Elefteria´s home. It was small for 8 person but it wasn´t problem.There were enough place to sleep. I liked thier home, it looked a caravan, small and sincere, especially it is between the montains, really cute :)

        On sunday, after we played games with children and Chris´s poland presantation, it was good also. we had to came back our towns, unfourtanetly.
       So generally, i can say that, i spent really unforgettable time with them and learned new things. I won´t never forget that greek food and dance (sure, lots of commun stuffs too) that small and nice village, that difficult trip (from Solsona to that village, because the road was full of turns) Dimitris and Elefteria´s cute home, Jacop´s good voice, Italian mafias, really delicious creeps that we aet last day :)
        Thanks to Marta (for her invitation and everything) and Dimitris, Elefteria (for their hosting)   

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