Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My evs story

Since long time, i would like to write something about evs. Now i have time to write,this article is about my opinions about my life’s unforgettable experince: Evs.

Why did i want to be a volunteer?
I have known something about evs, before i came here.What is evs, how can i choose project, what do volunteers do etc. Almost everybody was saying good things about that, then i started to research some projects. It was so hard to me, on website there were lots of projects, i didn’t decide which project could be good for me, how many times and which contry i prefer more.
To be a volunteer in another contry and work with somebody sounds good but it would be difficult or boring for me. So, it is really necessary to be courage and real volunteer. Then i decided to be a volunteer in France, it was so easy to find some projects for me, 3 host organisations said me yes but i had changed my idea. Because those projects aren’t suitable for me. Yes maybe, it would be very good to be in France and improve my french. Because i was studying french teaching. But I wanted to choose another way for evs. Before i began to study french, i had wanted to study something about art. First of all, theatre was my passion, since i was 14 years old, i have acted some private theatres as an actor. Then i was interested in cinema, i shoted some short movies with my friends.I have played the piano for 2 years. So until my this age, i was interested in art so to be a volunteer in art and culture projects,it was exactly for me.
Then i found this project, the whole project was so nice,different and interesting for me, to be in nord of Spain and to do a documentary with other volunteers! For these reasons, I immediately sended my motivation letter and cv, to be accepted by projects normally so difficult, but everything happened suddenly for me,and i received more questions to answer from oficina jove and then they sended me accepted mail, after that everything started, there were some problems about my sending organisations but then i found another organisation, Oficina Jove applied to me on 1th of february, then National Agence said yes, but i had another problem about my university, so it took time to came here but it wasn’t problem, my mentor was Ruth, she was so kind and exciting about me. I also was so exciting.
My life was good in Turkey, i was living in Eskisehir with my friends and I was going to university. But I have wanted to do something for my art passion. So this project was exactly written for me

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