Sunday, November 6, 2011

Adios Eva !

       Firstly Kim has gone, now Eva is going, because she has already finished her evs, Anymore, i will work and live alone. Since i came here, i spent  lots of times with them As you know, kim had gone to her contry on 8th of august, now, eva is going to Hungary on 6th of november. So… What will i do without them?
            I don’t know who is reading our blog but if somebody read this, they can know what we did together. Do you want to memorize again?

What did i do with Kim and Eva ?

First month (July)
I had arrived in La Seu on 1th of July. Kim, Eva and Nuri picked me up from Barcelona Airport. Then in my first week, i went to Malaga for my arrival training.
After that they said me that we didn’t have a camera to do a documentary because it had broken before. Fortunately i had brought my personal video camera so we were going to film with it ! They didn’t have enough videos for a documentary,just 5 or 10 videos from Tremantinaires Festival.
Before we started to film something, they showed me around of La Seu, because i had to know where is hospital, library, police office, post office etc.
Then, on 23th of July we climbed the Cadi and filmed Cadi, Molina and Parc Natural Cadi. It was amazing, kim had written how it was in her post. After that we were responsible in Arseguel Accordion Festival on 30th-31th of July. Can you remember? I have posted about it. 

Second month (August) 
Before kim leaved from La Seu, we had tried to go somewhere to spend more time,get to know this region’s life and have fun. We went to Coll de Nargo, Andorra and Oliana. Our trips were so funny.We had gone to Oliana by hitchike ! (it was my first experince in Spain, I can’t say i have more experience in Turkey also, i was new to it ) As you read Eva’s post, nothing happened

Then we interviewed to some people for documentary about Cataluna, pyreenes, catalan cuisine, music, festivals etc.
Kim had talked to somebody, because my spanish wasn’t as good as to talk, eva’s too.But we wrate the questions together.
Then we said good bye to Kim, we spent really good time.
It was summer time and there aren’t many people in La Seu, so i decided to go to Barcelona for a holiday , i also went to Gracias Festival in there. I liked Barcelona very much.
After that I worked at Festa Major in La Seu. I tried to inform about AIDS with two responsible people near the concert area.
However Nuri found me one teacher who teach me Spanish.She was english teacher, normally in a high school. So I started to learn spanish in two hours per week.

Third month (September)

Eva was so good cooker, at home, i was tying to know how to cook when she was cooking. However we were talking about our contries, cultures, friends,families, many subjects…
Of course about documentary too. She was knowing more stuffs than me about Cataluna, Spanish, La Seu. She shared her experinces with me. Thanks to her, i could have friends and more informations about this region.
At the same time, we were trying to film people’s life in here. They sometimes angried of us because they never wanted to film to their life.So i can say next volunteers to be careful about that.!
We filmed Parc Del Segre, Valira, Catedral of La Seu, Library of Sant Agusti, in every saturday and Tuesday La Seu’s market, Museu Sant Ermengol, in every Sunday sardana dance, i mean  we filmed everything…   
Then we went  to Malaga together for our mid-term training.I had written something about that training in my post.
After that training, in here, we started to learn catalan in school.

Forth Month (October)

That month was difficult for us, because we wanted to finish a documentary. We had many videos, but we had to continue to film with our narrator, Anais. Because we had decided a narrator, it would be eassier for us. But it wasn’t easy. Anais was busy enough.
Almost every week we had to film to her, then we were going to start editing.
On 8th,9th of October we had to be in Coll de Nargo for champion festival, and also, on 15th,16th of October in La Fira de Sant Ermengol.
Eva was also very busy, it was her last  month and she had lots of stuffs to do, for example, she should fill youth-pass.
Last week of October, we spent our time for presantation about evs and our contry, we were in a high school for it.
And she also organised week of cinema in library with hungarien movies,I liked it. 
October was so tiring for us.

Now and result:
Eva has already gone to her contry. I have 70 gb videos and I should editing alone. Sounds good ha? J
I miss my friends, see you kim and eva .

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