Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Intercultural meeting in Picasso´s Málaga

            Last week (between 3th-8th July) I was in Málaga for my arrival training. You know, it is about EVS, volunteering, obligation and rights. But I wasn´t in that mood to go, because as you know, I had already arrived here,so firstly, I wanted to explore La Seu.But it wasn´t posible to go another time. The time to go there,now.
            I arrived there the 3rd of july, it was a bit hard to find the hotel where we were staying, hotel Albergue de la musica in Toremolinos. Fortunately, everybody was very helpful there, and it was possible to find it. For example, the bus driver told me where I were supposed to get off =)
            After I arrived to the hotel, in the evening, all of the volunteers meat each other. There were about 25 volunteers from different countries, for example France, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Russia, Letonia, Romania, Belgiue, United Kingdom, Ukraine...There was one volunteer who was from Turkey too. I was thinking, this education was like a cultural meeting! I could ask them what I wanted to know about their country and culture! Before, I haven´t been in this kind of meeting, so it was so exciting to me, everybody was from another contry. everybody has different culture and language, sure. But we had meet together in same place. We were going to talk same language in there. Differences weren´t important, we would understand each other. Surely, there were lots of subject to share and talk. So I can say that I tried to talk almost everybody:)

 What did we do on the arrival training ?

            In fact we had a busy education program. It started at 9 o´clock in the morning and finished at 11 o'clock at night! So we did a lot of things about EVS. Of course we talked about a lot of subjets about EVS, volunteering, Spain, organisations, European Union etc.
            First, we talked about our country and culture. Everybody had to bring one typical thing from their country, for example food or a drink. Then we shared them and talked about them, too.We played some plays about our projects.

           The next day,  we visited Málaga to learn about the city. First, we visited Málaga Cathedral. It was very big and amazing.This cathedral is very famous. Then we visited Alcazaba. From there we could see all of the city, so it was really amazing. After that we visited some more important places.
           Málaga is really amazing and surprising for me. I suppose Spanish culture is still living there. They keep their culture, for example: flamenco, guitar, corida.. I liked Málaga and the people of Málaga very much.  
           We also learned a lot of things about Spanish culture and music. They teached us about the flamenco and the Spanish spirit. We could listen to Spanish music. It was really fun.
            We also had Spanish courses everyday!
            During those days, I think we really learned a lot and had fun =) So It was really useful, I think.

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