Friday, July 22, 2011

My new life in La Seu :)

          If you decide to be a european volunteer, actually this means, you decide to begin a new life too. New culture, new city, new country, new language, new friends... So it´s time to write something about my new life in La Seu. I want to start to write my new home, firstly.
         As you know from my previous blog, I will live with Kim and Eva. It can be really funny. Eva is from Hungary, Kim is sweeden and you know I´m turkish. So, there are lots of subjects that we can talk and share.
          Home isn´t big but is nice. I have my own room. And home is near the center of La Seu and the office. We don´t have an internet. Doesn´t matter for me,  I didn´t bring my computer.I prefer to get to know new cultures, new friends,new meals instead of internet.

           In my first day in La Seu, Eva and Kim showed me the city, there was a big bazaar is near the cathedral. Eva said me that it sets up in every tuesday and saturday. You can find what you want in there. We maked the tour of  the city, there is a cathedral that is called Santa Maria, I had seen the photos of it on internet, before. There are two rivers in this region, La Seu is between them, their names are Valira and Segre. And there are lots of mountains, they called Pyrenees as you know. One of them name is Cadi. Kim and Eva said me that we will climb it. Later I saw the ol part of La Seu. There were lots of old houses.
Mountains, rivers, old romanic cathedral and old part.... Sounds good.

        Another day, Nuri and Kim showed me the hospital, the office of tourism, the bank, the library, the municipality etc.
        And I had started to work in Office. We are writing a blog, as you know, and then we will start to get to know culture of Pyrenees and Catalunya for a documentary. We will film some videos about dance of Catalunya, it called Sardana, some events like Festa Mayor and we will interwiev with people who lives here. Sometimes, we will be a volunteer in some festivals, my new volunteer job will be in Arsegul Acordeon Festival. So, now I can say, everything looks like such a perfect, doesn´t it?

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