Monday, October 3, 2011

Sii, soy de Turquia!

     -De dónde eres?
     -Soy de Turquia.
     -De Turquia?
     - De verdad?
         Yes, when I say that I´m from Turkey, firstly people doesn´t belive me because of my face or my eyes. Because my eyes are slanting like chinese people´s :) It´s normal, my friends alwasy say me, I don´t look like turkish. But I´m turkish, It´s true:) There is nobody who is from Chine or Japon in my family. Only my grandmother´s mother was born in Greece, after they moved to Turkey, that´s all. But from Greece, not from Chine or Japon.
          If people belive me, luckily they believe generally, they begin to talk about Turkey in a good way. I haven´t meet anybody who has negatif idea about Turkey. Almost everybody likes it. This make me happy, surely.
          Here, in La Seu, there was a woman who was in my course, I said her that my nacionality, next lesson, she brought a handmade wallet that made in Turkey, she showed me it. And she said that "I like Turkey very much"
          In la Festa Major, i met one girl who has a sympathy about Turkey too. She visited lots of cities in Turkey.
          When I was in Sevilla, one old man who we asked the direction, he really helped us , then he asked me where I´m from, then he smiled and began to tell story in Turkey.
           In my arrival training, in Málaga, there was a one man who was from training team, he was knowing some turkish words, when he saw me, he was using them.. "Evet,Evet" , "Tamam"  yes yes, okey. It was really funny.
           However I sometimes find it hard to remember some turkish places or meals,really. When I was in Gracias Festival, in Barcelona. I met new people and they have been in Turkey too. One of them said me some cities in Turkey. Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, Capadocia.. and one place that he couldn´t remember what is it name. He tried to explain me, he said that there is a lake and there is a nice home, near the lake. But I couldn´t remember, unfourtanetly. I was really sad, he tried to explain me about half hour, but I couldn´t.
After that day, I asked one of my friends, he remembered immediately.It´s called Golcuk. I have never been in there. Turkey is big enough, it sometimes takes time to remember some places´s name.
Gölcük/ Bolu/ TURKEY

            And meals, turkish cuisine is large enough too:) In my last training, one of my volunteer friends who was from Greece, said me one meal that he liked very much., but he couldn´t remember what is it name and I couldn´t too. He tried to explain me,but I couldn´t. My mother will be angry me, sorry mama.:P
             Before I came here, I was thinking that I know everything about my country, but it´s likely that is impossible.

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