Monday, September 26, 2011

Molina/Malaga (Mid-Term Training) 13-16 Septembre

      I was really excited about this training, Because I was going to meet my friends who are from my last training in Malaga. We could talk what we are feeling after 2 and a half months about our project. I really wanted to know what they are thinking and feeling now. First of all, I missed them, surely.
      Eva and me got in train to go to training and then Eva realized that her friends who are from her last training in Camaruga. So I thought that this training could be very crowded. After 4 hours, we arrived to Malaga train station. Everybody come to meet in there and finally we had meet again! Unfourtanetly some friends wasn´t going to be in this training.Then we went to Molina and the hostel that we will stay.
      There were about 70 volunteers who were from almost every contry in  Europe.After dinner, we had to be in meeting-room. And in there, we meet with training team. They presented theirselves to us.
       Next day, we started to training at 9.30, after breakfast. There were 5 groups, each group had own trainer. In my opinion . it wasn´t good idea because each person could know and spend time with volunteers who are in same group. So, for example, in my groupe there were 15 persones, I talked and shared my ideas just with them.
       Anyway, fisrtly we started to talk about our project. And we played some games for get to know each other. Our trainer encouraged us to talk about our problems and everybody started to talkwhat they don´t like or they don´t have in their project. In my groupe, almost everybody was content to their evs, of course they had some problems about pocket money, food, flatmate,project but although they were happy.
        If it is necessary to be honest , I said my one problem that is spanish course. As I saw in this training, my spanish was bad, it was really hard to understand them.
        At night, there was cultural night. Volunteers presented culturel of region that they live in Spain. There were 22 volunteers from Catalunya. We showed the other volunteers Sardana Dance and Human Tower. However we wrate some sentences to show them what are te differents between Catalan and Spanish. And we watched other volunteers´s presentation. Galicia, Andalucia, Madrid, Castella y Leon, Canarias... I t was really funny. In that way, we could understand better each other.

         Second day, our trainer gave us some informations how can we fill in our Youthpass and he told us what should we do for it. And he gaved us contact of National Agence, if it can be necessary. And we created the photo of our project. What do we feel? Why do we like or not our project?.... It was really good opportunity to realize that.
        At night, there was a creative night like costume night. Everybody weared colorful costume and we danced a lot. It was great, And we wathced some videos that training team preapered us. Ther were about volunterism, of course.
        I really liked this training, we learned and realized a lot of things about evs. And they listened our problems and feelings. However they wanted to know what can we offer for next volunteer and next training.
        In my opinion, with this kind of trainings, we can get to know new friends. For me, one best thing, because in this way, I can learn, their culture and their think of way.., sure, it´s impossible to know everything about them, but, it can be enough to have general ideas. 

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