Monday, February 21, 2011


Today, I made "kanelbullar" (cinamon buns). I did it because I had too much coffee and was very energetic, but also because kanelbullar very much remind me of Sweden. And also because it's about the only thing I know how to bake. When I was at the store to buy ingridients, I realized that Spanish supermarcets make no sense whatsoever. Things are not where they're supposed to be. When you have to look for sugar for 10 minutes, you know something is wrong.

The reason I write about "kanelbullar" in this blog, is because I think kanelbullar is a big part of the Swedish culture. I really do. We even have a special day for kanelbullar in Sweden, it's called "kanelbullens dag". The general idea is that you eat kanelbullar on this day. I have to go now, but I'll write something more tomorrow. Buenas noches a todos!

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  1. hola! qué tal?
    queria escribirte, encontré tu blog en la pagina de kumulus :) Soy Linnea, también soy de Kalmar y me fui con Kumulus como volontaria, pero estoy ahora en la Republica Checa... Como te va allí en Espana?
    mi blog es si quieres leer aluna vez.. :)

    cuidate, espero que la pases bien!